“the twins” photo

after seeing that picture i don’t think kids these days should be picturing stuff like 911 in there heads,so to me i kinda feel disturbed,but i think this photo has some meaning to it.i guess the purpose of the kids in this artists photo was to show that in situations like 911 it will stick around inside there heads and it will effect the way kids play with  other kids.The American Flag represents that 911 happened in the states and blocks represent the twin towers and the plane represents the plane that crashed into the buildings.The police car and the Firetruck represent the police and firemen that lost there lives on 911.i just noticed this but one kid is dressed up like a firemen the other kid has an airplane.i think the kid dressed up like a fireman represents the firefighters that got involved with 911 fire and the kid with the airplane represents the terrorist that crashed into one of the twin towers.

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